Monday, November 26, 2007

The Death of Facebook

Cory Doctorow, eminent SF Author and contributor to BoingBoing finally tells about the billion dollar elephant in the room.
*disclaimer. I used to think Cory Doctorow was a publicity hungry SF faker, but after reading his work, I recognize his brilliance. The man can write. He is no poseur.

There is a reason that LiveJournal faded, and Blogger, and MySpace is on the way, and Friendster, and Linkedin, and Orkut, etc. Facebook is this week's boring rehash.
Everyone googles themselves, no one wants to be googled. You want to be found by long lost friends but you don't lose touch with long lost friends, you lose touch with creepy weirdos that you maybe kinda liked to hang out with, but now you'd rather save the energy and just not talk to.

Except you get a friend request. Then you're an asshole for saying no. So you start signing in less frequently because this person who you kinda liked to hang out with, but you don't really interact with anymore is now part of your "friends list" and you see every goddamn message they post. You can't escape me, I can't escape you, neither of us politely.

Let's all pretend that we're not "that guy". Right. You're "that guy" to somebody.

Facebook is a waste of your time and everybody's money. Close your account. In 10 years, all these undergrads will wonder why they wasted 6 hours a day on some stupid facebook garbage when they were missing out on college life. Oh well. C'est la vie.

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Artificial Selection said...

You know, I think from time to time that I should get into this "social networking" phenomenon all the kiddies are talking about these days. You've just given me a reason to continue ignoring it.