Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UK Police Can Now Demand Encryption Keys

Papiere Bitte. UK Police can demand your encryption keys, your passwords, presumably your PIN, and yo momma's maiden name.

"Paper's please, citizen." Those words ought to invoke fear in you. We used to make fun of Soviet Russia where you needed internal passports. But then we had the Red Scare, you could DoS a person.

So now the UK has done it. They are actually demanding you turn over your encryptionn keys. On penalty of what? 2 yrs in jail.

Lesson 1: If your crime is punishable by more than 2 years in prison, tell them to pound sand. You'll get off easier.
Lesson 2: If you don't like Susan up the street, plant an encrypted file on her and call the coppers. She can't give them the key for what she doesn't know she has. 2 years of no more Susan. Denial of Service of life.

Lesson 3: The government can't crack our encryption, otherwise they'd not bother forcing the keys out of us. A rather enlightening admission don't you think?

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