Saturday, September 22, 2007

Migrating to secure anonymity

It's too late! You've posted on the internet with your real name. You've posted your LiveSpaceJournalBook page with all your own details that future bosses can read. You're trapped! Now you're sitting around and you want to go to a forum and discuss unpopular ideas, but you don't want the NSA, FBI, bogeyman to find you or know it's you, or connect it to you at all. How do you do this?

Establish a separate identity that exists only online. The fact that you have an existing presence is a good thing. Remember that it would be mighty suspicious if you didn't have existing persona online. Give "The Man" something to follow, give him a past, a present, a you. Don't drop off the internet suddenly, continue posting your normal every day stuff, your fluffy dog page, your youtube videos, just don't let any of that be associated with your new anonymous identity.

I will be starting a series of posts of specific step-by-step instructions on how to give yourself an untraceable, secure connection and communications network to have at your disposal. This is a guide.

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