Saturday, September 22, 2007

Anonymous web browsing with Tor

Today we will discuss Tor onion routing. You are visiting a website but you need anonymity. Perhaps you are looking up porn or whatever and you don't want your traffic being traced back to you. Time for "Tor Onion Routing" found here

The important thing to remember is that Anonymity is NOT EQUAL to encryption. In other words, use Tor to hid your route, but remember, it encrypts nothing. The remote sysadmin and the local sysadmin can still sniff and read all your traffic. They just don't know where it is going to or coming from... unless you tell them in your messages.

For Mozilla Firefox use this plugin to add a button to your menu bar to enable Tor Onion Routing.
Since you are using Mac OS X, use Vidalia which is a graphical interface (GUI) to the Tor program.

Now, start up Firefox and hit the torbutton and start surfing anonymously.
You must read Bruce Schneier's post regarding the difference between anonymity and privacy.


Artificial Selection said...

Woot! Vidalia and Torbutton are both installed and cooking! My google page popped out in the U.K. :)

dithi said...

Tor. Those guys deserve a medal.

site said...

Well, I do not really imagine it is likely to have effect.