Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's in your "permanent record"

Remember that time that Mrs. Grumbly caught you putting crayons up your nose and threated to put it in your permanent file... OOOOOOOOHHH NOOOO! Where did you think she was sending it? That's right. The FBI, NSA, CIA, DHL, DDF, NAACP, and NAFTA. They *all* have a dossier on you, citizen.
A few weeks ago I sent in my request for my DHS Travel Dossier (you didn't think it was really a "dossier" did you? eh? EH?! you betcha... good german.) Recently I've traveled quite a bit and according to my passport's electronic codes, I'm 129 years old, and no one noticed this, through like 7 countries and numerous airports. But I *did* remove my shoes, and liquids. I'm dying to know what they actually bothered to track about me, since my age was of no importance. Also, requesting your documents is basically free and takes about 10 minutes, no notary. UnsecureFlight.com hosts the "ATS Privacy Act Records Request" and the accompanying release form.

Now BoingBoing has post on getting your FBI file, neat! I can't wait to see what's in mine, and also to waste some bureaucrat's time. It's called getmyfbifile.com, here's what BoingBoing says, "This site helps you automatically generate the letters you need to send in to get your own FBI file ... and while you're at it, you can also get your NSA, CIA, DIA, DSS, Secret Service, etc. files too, just by checking a few boxes." I'm so excited, I want to cross-dress just so I get data-mined with J. Edgar Hoover. I'll update the blog with my results when they arrive.

Anecdote, I heard a story about a girl who applied to be a whitehouse intern and was questioned about having joined the "Objectivist club," which meant she had filled out a card on the back of an Ayn Rand novel and that somehow put her on a list! Imagine what kind of lists YOU'RE on! (This is another reason I've legally changed my name to "Void", just to screw up check cashing).

This is how you seriously destroy the government.

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